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Image by Eric Rothermel

Value-Driven Diary Add-Ons: Boost School Spirit and Learning

Unlock the full potential of your MyDiary planners with our carefully curated selection of accessories. Designed to enhance the diary's usability and complement your school's unique identity, these add-ons promote effective time management, wellbeing, and student engagement. Transform your student planners into comprehensive, personalised tools that not only organise schedules but also foster a supportive and inspiring learning environment. Explore our diverse range of accessories and elevate the MyDiary experience for your students today.


Term Tabs

Reinforce your school's core values with beautifully designed tab inserts featuring inspiring images and quotes. These unique additions help distinguish school terms while reminding students of the principles that define their educational community.

Augmented Reality

Embrace cutting-edge technology with our Augmented Reality feature. This innovative addition drives deeper engagement and connects with today's tech-savvy learners, creating an immersive and interactive experience within the diary.

QR Codes

Enhance student engagement and learning with our QR code integration. This technology allows for quick access to digital resources and connects students with a world of information at their fingertips.


Gender Neutral Uniforms Images

Showcase your school's uniform policy effectively and inclusively with our custom-designed, hand-drawn uniform illustrations. Our artist creates gender-neutral images that ensure a clear and politically correct representation of your school's dress code.

Read our Blog Article on Gender Neutral Uniforms HERE

Whiteboard Insert

Revolutionise note-taking with our smudge-free whiteboard page insert. Students can write, erase, and rewrite with ease, making it an invaluable tool for brainstorming, problem-solving, and collaboration.


Cognitive Verb Series!

Elevate your student diaries with our Unlock the potential of the top 50 cognitive verbs from the Australian Curriculum by customising your student diary to include these essential learning tools.

Enhance understanding and promote academic achievement.

Traffic Light Cards

Boost classroom communication with our traffic light card inserts. These colour-coded cards allow students to discreetly signal their level of assistance required or how they may be feeling, promoting a supportive learning environment and efficient use of class time.


Plastic Pockets (With and without ID Pouch)

Enhance your student diaries with our versatile plastic pockets. These durable add-ons provide extra storage space for important documents, notes, timetables or keepsakes, keeping them secure and easily accessible. By incorporating these practical pockets, students can better organise and manage their essential papers, ensuring a clutter-free and well-maintained diary throughout the year.

Personalised Student Artwork Bookmark

Streamline navigation with our customisable bookmarks. Showcase the artistic talents of your students by personalising these practical bookmarks with their creative artwork, adding a unique touch to the diaries while celebrating the skills and achievements of your school community. Additionally, these bookmarks help prevent students from folding or earmarking pages, preserving the diary's integrity and appearance throughout the year.


File Connectors

Upgrade your student diaries with our convenient file connectors. These hole-punched plastic strips are seamlessly integrated into the diary, allowing students to effortlessly attach their planner to a lever-arch file. By incorporating these practical connectors, students can keep their diary securely alongside their subject materials, fostering better organisation and easy access to their planner whenever needed.

Term Date & Wellbeing Stickers 

Enhance your student diaries with our easy-to-use term date stickers. These handy add-ons provide students with a clear visual reference of essential dates, promoting effective time management and organisation throughout the school year.


Sealable Ziplock Pockets

Perfect for safeguarding important items like permission slips and notes. The sturdy, transparent design ensures easy visibility and access, keeping essentials secure and organised. An ideal solution for students to protect their academic materials.

Versatile Diary Clips: Dynamic Customisation

Our 90 x 60 mm clips allow easy customisation of school diaries by securely holding bookmarks, photos, covers or notes.

Designed for easy insertion and removal post-binding, they offer students the flexibility to adjust contents as needed.

Perfect for keeping important information accessible.

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