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Hardcase or Softcase bound diaries

The Premier Customisable Planner for Educational Institutions


Experience the MyDiary Prestige, a distinguished planner designed to effortlessly weave your school's strategic goals and wellbeing program into every page. Available in hardcase or softbound options, this exceptional diary caters to various educational settings, including all-boys, all-girls, or multi-denominational schools.

Notable features of the MyDiary Prestige include:

  • Comprehensive customisation: Personalise each page to embody your school's distinct values, objectives, and character

  • Adaptable design: Perfectly suited for a wide range of school environments and student demographics

  • Unified branding: Harmonise your school's identity, integrating the diary as an essential element of the school's uniform

  • Time management champion: Utilised over 1500 times a year, the MyDiary Prestige serves as a vital instrument for students in managing their schedules efficiently

The MyDiary Prestige elevates the traditional planner to a superior resource that not only highlights your school's identity but also promotes its strategic vision. Equip your students with a planner that transcends the ordinary and genuinely embodies the essence of your school. Choose the MyDiary Prestige for unmatched customisation and sophistication.

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