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ACT Public Schools

MyDiary assists Australian Capital Territory high schools in creating an environment where students can develop academically, emotionally, and socially while addressing contemporary challenges and promoting a positive school culture all within a cost-effective framework:

  1. Ready To Go Wellbeing diaries: Affordable, personalised diaries that help schools manage expenses while offering a valuable tool for students.

  2. Positive Vibes Only: Promoting a supportive culture in public high schools by incorporating uplifting messages, affirmations, and activities that foster a sense of belonging and encouragement.

  3. Bouncing Back: Cultivating resilience in Australian high school students by providing diary resources that equip them with coping strategies for life's challenges and encourage personal growth.

  4. Connected, Protected, and Respected: Fostering social connections, emotional wellbeing, and cyber safety in public schools with diary content that promotes healthy relationships, self-awareness, and responsible online behaviour.

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