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Student Wellbeing Journals


Fostering Personal Growth and Effective Leadership Skills


Discover the power of reflection and self-awareness with our Leadership Journal for Students. Designed to adapt to your unique learning journey, this journal offers a flexible structure to help cultivate the future leaders of tomorrow. Key features include:

  • Customisable format tailored to your individual learning preferences and goals

  • Greater self-awareness through thought-provoking prompts and guided reflections

  • Encouragement of continuous improvement and enhanced outcomes for personal growth

  • Reinforcement of a culture of learning, reflection, and ongoing development driven by effective leaders

  • Nurturing a supportive environment that empowers educators and fosters trust

  • Creation of a safe space where students feel heard, valued, and motivated to grow

Explore crucial leadership concepts such as Future Skills of Leaders, the 4 Highly Effective Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Styles, Personal Values, and Growth Mindset. Additionally, develop practical skills with tools like the Challenging Conversation Planner and Planning an Event guide.

Invest in your personal development and unleash your leadership potential with the Leadership Journal for Students - the ultimate tool for self-discovery and growth.

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