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At 25 BRW Magazine recognised Louisa Wood as Australia's most successful female entrepreneur.

We know first-hand that sometimes all a big idea needs is a diary in which to write it… At 17 years of age, MyDiary founder, Louisa Wood, decided she had to recreate her daggy school diary to make it fun, educational, and entertaining. Funded by an $8/hr job and working from her father's shed, page by page, she slowly built her business.

Fast forward to today, more than two decades since Louisa first scribbled down her business plan in the pages of her own school diary, and MyDiary—her vision for a radically different student planner—can be found in the backpacks of hundreds of thousands of students throughout Australia and New Zealand. Louisa attributes her achievements to an obsession with goal setting and a relentless conviction to follow through on the task at hand. Further, she developed the skills of planning and self-reflection that allowed her to course-correct when needed and learn well from the many inevitable mistakes made along the way.

Today's younger generation face unique challenges in both their education and their wellbeing. But with those challenges come amazing opportunities for those who have mastered the life skills required to navigate the unknowns of the future. "...a student's companion, a guide to where they are now, where they are going, and how they will get there." Since its inception, we have considered MyDiary to be a student's companion, a guide to where they are now, where they are going, and how they will get there. We are here to equip your students with that guide and look forward to the opportunity to invest in their life-long learning and your school community as a whole.

Here's to being ready for the future - let's achieve great things together.

Louisa Wood, Creative Director & Owner of MyDiary

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Louisa Wood, Keynote speaker at the

Young Leaders National Conference.

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Louisa Wood, mentor to the Australis Self-Made Girls Group.


Louisa Wood passing on advice to the

Young Business Network run by the SBDC.

Louisa Wood, Keynote speaker at the School Leadership Conference.

Louisa Wood on the front cover of the Perth white pages for her award winning student planners and success as a female entreprenuer.

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