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Differences Between Ready-To-Go Designs & Bespoke Diaries

When we provide you with a quote, we often present two pricing options: one for a personalised diary and another for a customised version. This page will help illustrate the differences, pros, and cons of each option.

(Ready-To-Go Designs)

You can have your own school cover and policy pages, but the date section (where students write their homework) is pre-printed and cannot be changed or altered. This option is popular due to its convenience and affordability, as schools share the printing costs.

(Bespoke Diaries)

Offers a handcrafted date section tailored to your school's branding and requirements. While this version costs more and demands more time to review it provides greater flexibility and control over the design.

Both versions come with your personalised cover and school policy pages placed at the front and/or rear of the diary.

You can also add accessories.

Pre-printed date section


  • Ready-to-Go

  • Thoroughly proof read – trialled and tested content written by Australia’s leading educational experts.

  • Beautifully designed – we invest tens of thousands of dollars into our designs over many hundred of hours.

  • Cost-effective because they are produced on mass so unit it cost is much cheaper.

  • If you require school events to be displayed we simply add them to your front personalised school pages as a Term Planner.

  • Very popular. Chosen by 70% of schools.


  • Cannot change colours, content, or fonts.

  • No option to add daily events or day rotations. These would have to be added to your timetable or term planner in your school policy pages at the front/back.

Completely tailored date section with custom school branding and content


  • Full control over design so every page matches your school branding.

  • Unique to your school as all content is custom created just for you.

  • Ability to include school events or day/week rotations and clearly identify them.

  • Ability to add in daily devotions, wellbeing information or any other curriculum based content.

  • Popular amongst private and faith-based schools.


  • Higher cost

  • Requires more time to review and finalise content which may have to be passed around to all members of the leadership team to sign off.

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