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Image by Kelly Sikkema

Checklist For School Pages

Whether you are a newly established school or returning to a printed planner after a hiatus, this comprehensive checklist is designed to help you consider the pages you may want to include. For visual inspiration and school-specific examples, check out the links to our Pinterest page provided.

Please note:

To avoid duplication, the MyDiary Study Section may include the following:

Absentee, late arrival, early finish, student movement log, term planner (Current and following year calendar)

Did you know you can save thousands of $$$ by combining your Junior and Senior Diaries into a single diary?

Our design experts can assist you easily distinguish between upper and lower school policy pages using:​

  1. A tab card insert

  2. A faux tab on the side of the page

  3. Colour coding of the pages


This approach offers several benefits:

  • Saves money

  • Less proofing, as you only need to check one diary

  • Easier reorders, as you only need to order one set of diary overs instead of two.

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