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Building Spiritual Character:
MyDiary's Personalised Offerings for Adventist Colleges

Adventist Colleges are unique educational institutions that prioritise the holistic development of their students. At the heart of their mission is the focus on spiritual formation and faith integration. This approach not only equips students with the knowledge and skills needed for success but also fosters a deep and lasting relationship with God, encourages open-minded conversations with people of other faith traditions, and inspires a commitment to social justice and advocacy. 

MyDiary supports these goals by offering services tailored to Adventist Colleges, such as:

  1. Customised Diaries: Reflecting school branding and values, incorporating biblical wellbeing references.

  2. Weekly scripture verses: Showcasing God's character, offering mentorship and inspiration.

  3. Plan, Reflect, Appreciate: Encouraging goal-setting, reflection, and gratitude for personal growth.

  4. Interfaith dialogue and social justice resources: Facilitating meaningful conversations and faith-based advocacy.

These services foster a faith-based foundation, preparing students for academic success, purposeful lives, and strong character development.

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