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Mindful Time -
Digital Companion

Hardcase, Softcase, or Spiral bound diaries

Time Engineering Elegance
For Students


Students Not Using Their School Diary?

But as Educators you’re committed to teaching the fundamentals of time management and fostering mindfulness habits. ...without losing the student to ANOTHER digital distraction.

Consider Mindful Time our innovative solution to provide an offline capturing tool to develop the underlying skills students need to organise/self manage themselves in a rapidly changing environment.

By adopting Mindful Time as a school-wide initiative, you pave the way for a transformation in how students approach organisation and goal-setting.

The flexibility of our design effortlessly supports students in achieving their academic and personal goals, all while harmonising with their digital world for true time engineering elegance.




The thoughtfully designed pages serve as a guide for students to effectively plan their days and cultivate mindfulness.

Time Engineering Elegance


With unparalleled versatility, our layout empowers students to adapt their time management style to suit their digital tools seamlessly. Our product serves as a dynamic companion, whether it’s used as a planner, to-do list, goal and habit tracker, note-taking tool or project management aid. With the freedom to customise and align our layout with their preferences, students can unlock their full potential and optimise their productivity like never before.


Optional Content

Add mindful worksheets or any of our expert written wellbeing content.

  • Gratitude Journal

  • Reflective Questions

  • Habit Tracker

  • Bullet Journaling

  • Wellbeing Stickers

  • Growth Mindset

  • Study Planners

  • Vision Board

  • How To Set SMART Goals

  • Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets

  • Growth Mindset

  • Mental Health: Resilience

  • Personal Safety

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health

  • Nutrition

  • Bullying & Cyberbullying

  • Academic Wellbeing: The Forgetting Curve

  • Sleep Hygiene

  • Mental Illness: Signs & Support

  • Flowstate

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