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School Notebook

Need for a School Diary

Why Students Need Paper Diaries – When everything is online

A physical diary provides an offline capturing tool.

The stream of incoming tasks are predominantly from online sources. It becomes very hard to tackle this using just another online tool.

A paper diary provides the mental separation that is needed to interject the “work noise” and provides the opportunity to turn this into a focus and prioritised list.


The school diary is the interjection between noise and focus. It deals with
what we call the “messy middle” and guides students to produce outcomes.

A physical diary develops student ‘offline’ executive function skills in order to harness the opportunities of ‘online’.

We’re not competing with technology or getting stuck in the dark ages. We’re embracing tech and developing the underlying skills students will always need to be able to organise/self manage themselves in a rapidly changing environment.

Students need to be able to manage digital distractions, learn how to do deep work, deal with cyber bullying and prepare for a career that might not even be invented.

Offline thinking time is essential to self development and diaries and journaling is a
legitimate way to get students to do that.

Astronomical Clock

The MyDiary System

Being creative, strategic, and simply present and loving don’t require time—they require space.


David Allen

Behind every MyDiary product is an underlining organisation system to assist the student develop their time management skills.

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Our Designs for Generation Alpha & Beta

Design is our weapon of capture


MyDiary Management

The generation of students we serve are digital, visual & mobile. They expect colour, professional graphic design and content that's engaging.


We place incredibly high standards on our design team to ensure your school
information gets noticed.


Not only do we breathe new life into school policy documents to support your branding and reinforce school values, we also understand that our audience is curious, smart, energetic, tech savvy and creative.


We capture this energy by the technology we place behind each page.

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