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Fostering Resilience on a Budget:
MyDiary's Customised Offerings for Queensland Government Schools

Queensland Government schools strive to provide quality education while managing budget constraints. MyDiary supports these institutions by offering tailored services that focus on key themes, such as digital detox, mental health, and resilience while proving cost-effective:

  1. Ready To Go Wellbeing diaries: Affordable, personalised diaries that help schools manage expenses while offering a valuable tool for students.

  2. Digital detox: Encouraging a break from screen time by promoting traditional journaling, which has been shown to boost well-being more effectively than digital diaries.

  3. Mental Health Matters: Addressing the rising rates of anxiety and depression in Australian schools with diary resources that foster mental health awareness and self-care strategies.

  4. The Art of Resilience: Equipping students with coping strategies to handle life's challenges, cultivating resilience through diary prompts and activities.

By incorporating these elements into their diaries, MyDiary assists Queensland Government schools in fostering an environment where students can develop academically, emotionally, and socially, despite the financial limitations faced by public institutions.

Case Studies


Corinda State High School

Corinda, QLD

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