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Staff Diaries


Ultimate Planner for Australian Educators


Stay on top of your tasks with our comprehensive Staff Diaries, designed specifically to help educators stay organised and efficient. Our diaries offer ample space to:

  • Record lesson plans, homework details, and essential reminders, ensuring teachers have all the information they need at their fingertips.

  • Include attendance and assessment records, enabling seamless tracking of student progress throughout the school year.

Find the perfect fit for every educator's preferences by choosing between:

  • A day-to-a-page layout

  • A week-to-an-opening

Select from our standard layout or customise the diary to suit your school's unique needs. Our commitment to quality and your branding ensures that our Staff Diaries are not only practical but also stylish and representative of your school's distinctive identity. Embrace the ultimate organisation tool for Australian educators with MyDiary's bespoke Staff Diaries.

Day To A Page


Custom Cover & Policy Edition + Ready-To-Go Date Section

This option features a personalised cover design and school policy pages, and a pre-designed date section for convenience.

Fully Tailored Diary

This option allows for complete customisation of every aspect of the diary, ensuring a unique planner that reflects your school's individual identity and needs.


Week To An Opening

Custom Cover & Policy Edition + Ready-To-Go Date Section

Fully Tailored Diary

Browns Plains State High School takes great pride in their reputation as being a respected leader of learning. Working with their strategic vision MyDiary designed their school diaries to support their Attitude to Learning (ATL) Framework and continue to develop their cultural aims of “Diligence and Integrity”.


MyDiary developed a bespoke diary layout which included key wellbeing activities each week that reinforced the key message for students to connect, succeed and thrive.


We then empowered Brown Plains SHS to deliver this program collaboratively through their highly committed and talented team of teachers. MyDiary designed the staff planner to reflect the weekly aims of the student diary enabling teachers to reinforce the message each week in lessons.


In this way, MyDiary supported Brown Plains SHS to not only optimise wellbeing and learning but also drive the constant pursuit of academic excellence.

Example 2 - Hervey Bay SHS Staff Planner

Hervey Bay SHS sought to provide their staff with a larger-sized planner that catered to their daily requirements while also aligning with the content of the student's diary, enabling them to reinforce key messages effectively.

MyDiary crafted a tailored solution, incorporating a snapshot of the student's layout with clear callouts highlighting the focal areas.

Additionally, the staff planner featured a monthly summary of the WOWs (Word of the Week) and VOW (Cognitive Verb of the Week). This thoughtful design allowed staff members to note their pedagogy focus and PBL (Project-Based Learning) objectives, ensuring a cohesive and well-structured approach to education at Hervey Bay SHS.

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