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Not Ordering A Printed Diary?

We have a range of solutions that can
still cater to your needs.

Removing the printed School diary is not an easy task. While often overlooked, the School Planner is actually a core component of the School’s tradition and plays three key roles.

The School diary is:

  • An organisational tool to teach students the essential skill of time management

  • Communicates School policies and standards of behaviour

  • Nurtures student wellbeing.

With this in mind, here are some organisational and wellbeing tools MyDiary can provide that can help fill the gap.

Student/Parent/Teacher Handbooks

Create A Web-Viewable, Digital Parent Handbook

Provides parents with an easy-access digital handbook. Allow our design team to create customised covers and School policy pages (similar to the content that you would add to your School diary). This handbook can be published to your School website, newsletter, social media or emailed directly to parents.

  • Full Colour

  • Fractional Cost

  • Digital Delivery


A Printed Student/Parent/Teacher Handbook

The school community may need to be reminded of key school policies such as:

  • Bell Times

  • Uniform Policies / Uniform Shop

  • Bullying Policy

  • ICT policy

  • Homework Guides

  • Assessment Policy

  • Code of Conduct

  • Mobile Phone & BYOD Policy

  • School Values & Ethos

  • Online LMS Navigation

  • Student Rights & Responsibilities

  • Cognitive Verbs

Extract essential policy pages from your School diary and produce a handbook.

  • Cheaper production costs than a school diary

  • Physically printed so you can ensure its distribution to all the students on their first day of school


Term Planners

Perhaps you are an event centric School and want to provide a thorough calendar of events and sporting fixtures? Our team can create a large planner with the School’s calendar of events, week and day rotations alongside term goal settings.

Wall Planners

To assist students planning their assignments and assessments, consider a large wall planner. This can sit on the student’s desk at home or as large folded sheets in their file. Unlike their small laptop or phone screens, this planner allows a clear offline snapshot of each term for them to plan their year.


Notebooks / Notepads

Condense your diary into a weekly 1 page planner. This supplements an LMS system perfectly by allowing students to collate all of their deadlines from their online systems and prioritise them in an offline location.

  • Non-dated so you can order larger quantities to reduce price and reuse year to year.

Digital Diaries

Our team can provide you with a full colour version of your School diary with wellbeing content to be distributed as a PDF.

  • No printing costs.


Wellbeing Journals

Supporting the wellbeing initiatives of Schools to foster resilient, confident and successful students, MyDiary can provide your students with a Customised Welbeing Journal. Select from our wide range of beautifully designed, relevant and engaging content to develop student social and emotion wellbeing.

Choose from:

  • Gratitude Journal

  • Reflective Questions

  • Habit Tracker

  • Bullet Journaling

  • Wellbeing Stickers

  • Growth Mindset

  • Study Planners

  • Vision Board

  • How To Set SMART Goals

  • Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets

  • Growth Mindset

  • Mental Health: Resilience

  • Personal Safety

  • IDigital Citizenship

  • Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health

  • Nutrition

  • Bullying & Cyberbullying

  • Academic Wellbeing: The Forgetting Curve

  • Sleep Hygiene

  • Mental Illness: Signs & Support

  • Flowstate


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