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Celebrate Your Beliefs and Nurture Spiritual Growth


MyDiary Faith is the perfect diary solution for denominational schools seeking to honour their faith while fostering personal and academic growth in students. This unique diary features daily devotional passages to encourage students to reflect upon and apply spiritual lessons to their daily lives. MyDiary Faith aims to help students develop a strong work ethic, take pride in their accomplishments, communicate effectively at all levels, act with integrity, and deepen their relationship with God.

Each MyDiary Faith edition is thoughtfully designed with school pages that have a clean and clear purpose. The diary incorporates your school's branding and values, seamlessly blending them with wellbeing references from the Bible. This approach ensures a unified message from the school to its student community, reinforcing the importance of spiritual growth alongside academic achievements.

Choose MyDiary Faith to support your students in their spiritual journey while providing them with the essential tools for success in their academic and personal lives. With MyDiary Faith, you can create a truly inspiring learning environment that upholds your school's values and helps students become the best version of themselves.

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