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Islam in Focus:
MyDiary's Personalised Diary Services for
Islamic Schools

At MyDiary, we prioritise preserving Islamic identity in Muslim faithed children by providing tailored planners for Islamic schools within Australia. Our planners foster Islamic values and help students become model citizens who contribute positively to a prosperous and harmonious society.

We offer bookmark inserts with daily duas, essential surah meanings, and the Five Pillars of Islam. Our designs also create a friendly school environment, featuring infographics and uniform illustrations for easy readability.

Our diary layout includes ample space for homework, weekly organisation tips, and surah excerpts, allowing students to manage their time while embracing Islamic values. Through our diaries, MyDiary supports schools in cultivating an environment where students grow academically, emotionally and spiritually, while promoting a positive school culture.

Case Studies


Springvale Campus Melbourne VIC

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