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Life 360 Teacher Toolkit

(A4 Digital)

Empowering Educators to Enhance Student Wellbeing


Equip your teachers with valuable resources to support students in embracing the strategies and tools provided by the Life 360 Student Wellbeing Syllabus. Our comprehensive toolkit includes:

  • Flexible lesson plans tailored to accommodate diverse learning styles and classroom environments

  • Student worksheets designed to encourage active engagement and personal growth

  • Interactive content that captivates students and promotes a deeper understanding of wellbeing concepts

  • Delivery tips to ensure educators can effectively convey the Life 360 curriculum with confidence

  • Wellbeing-focused resources that foster a positive and supportive learning atmosphere

  • Technology extensions to integrate digital solutions and enhance the learning experience

With our concise lesson plans, engaging digital resources, and versatile content available in multiple formats, the MyDiary Life 360 Teacher Toolkit empowers educators to make a lasting impact on their students' wellbeing and overall success.

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