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Corinda State High School Student Diary


Corinda State High School

MyDiary is proud to have partnered with Corinda SHS to support their values-based culture.

By utilising their amazing Indigenous artwork we continued the celebration throughout their diary to communicate our interconnectedness.


MyDiary created a customised diary that not only fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture but also encouraged students to acknowledge the connections between people, communities and the environment.


This approach enhanced Corinda State High School's commitment to global mindfulness and nurturing future learners.

"When we look at Corinda students, we see boundless potential."

School Policy Pages

​MyDiary understands the importance of cultivating essential character traits to develop 21st-century learners.


By explaining these skills with an attractive design alongside weekly exercises that foster these skills, MyDiary is helping Corinda State High School students become well-rounded, future-ready individuals.


School Uniform

To support Corinda SHS to foster a more inclusive school environment, we created uniform illustrations. By embracing diversity and promoting a sense of belonging for every student, our uniform images help schools take a significant step towards a more progressive and welcoming educational experiences.

Daily Diary Section

MyDiary developed a weekly reflection series that aligned with the school's ABC program, promoting mental health.

We focused our weekly reflection on 3 key areas:

Act - Do Something: Encouraging students to stay active, mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and culturally.


Belong - Do Something with Someone: Inspiring students to stay connected to their friends, family and community.


Commit - Do Something with Meaning: Empowering students to engage in meaningful, important and valuable activities.

In addition to this we recreated the top 50 Cognitive Verbs from the Australian Curriculum to enhance understanding and promote academic achievement.

With all these elements combined with the Indigenous theme, the vibrancy and colours of the diary create an engaging and inspiring learning tool for the students.


Our customised diary not only supports Corinda State High School's commitment to global mindfulness and nurturing future learners but also serves as a daily reminder for students to strive for personal growth and academic excellence.

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