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Your Student Handbook
Available To Purchase Below

We're excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to enhance your school's digital resources with our student handbook download feature.

For just $150+GST per handbook, your school will gain comprehensive access and the ability to seamlessly integrate the handbook onto your school's website. This package includes:

  • Full download rights, empowering you to share the handbook directly on your school's platform or email every student and parent.

  • A meticulously organised compilation of the handbook's pages, ensuring everything is in perfect order—from the cover and front school policy pages, through any customised date sections, to the rear school policy pages.

This offer significantly upgrades the basic proofing PDFs previously provided, which came in separate files, by delivering a unified, easy-to-navigate document.

To activate this feature, simply send us an email at or complete the attached payment form. Elevate your school's resources with ease today!
Your PDFs will be delivered within 24 hrs of ordering.

(You'll be taken to our payment page)



(Please send an invoice to our school)

Thank you for purchasing, your PDFs will be available within 24 hours of ordering.

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