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Diary Duel: How Traditional Journaling Outperforms Digital Diaries in Boosting Wellbeing

As digital solutions permeate every aspect of modern life, the power of traditional journaling in enhancing wellbeing should not be underestimated. Australian educators can benefit from the mindful, reflective practice of writing in a paper diary, reaping rewards that often surpass those of digital alternatives. This essay highlights the key reasons why traditional journaling outperforms digital diaries in boosting wellbeing.

A hand writing in an open diary, with a tablet propped up in front

Cognitive Benefits

Handwriting in a paper diary engages the brain differently than typing, promoting improved memory retention and understanding. This cognitive engagement enables educators to better internalise and recall ideas, goals, and insights.

Mindfulness and Presence

The lack of digital distractions allows individuals to focus on their thoughts and emotions while using a paper diary, fostering mindfulness, reduced stress, and an improved sense of wellbeing.

Creativity and Personal Expression

Analog journaling allows for more creativity and personalisation, offering a unique canvas for doodling, sketching, and experimenting with different writing styles. This personalisation creates a deeper connection with one's thoughts and ideas.

Privacy and Security

Paper diaries provide a more secure and private space for recording personal reflections, free from concerns of data breaches, hacking, or online surveillance.

Digital Detox

Journaling in a paper diary encourages disconnection from digital devices, providing a healthy respite from screens and fostering a more balanced lifestyle.

Improved Sleep

The absence of blue light emitted by digital devices when using a paper diary contributes to better sleep quality and overall health, particularly when journaling before bedtime.

Emotional Release

The act of writing by hand can be therapeutic, serving as a cathartic outlet for emotions and thoughts that may be difficult to express verbally.

MyDiary Supports Positive Change

MyDiary is an Australian company dedicated to promoting the benefits of traditional journaling and supporting positive change for individuals across the country. By offering a range of high-quality paper diaries and journaling accessories, MyDiary encourages users to embrace the power of pen and paper in their daily lives. To learn more about how MyDiary can support your journey towards greater mindfulness, creativity, and self-expression, visit



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