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Point Cook Senior Secondary College -
Point Cook, VIC

Point Cook Senior Secondary College in Point Cook, Victoria, fosters a dynamic, supportive educational environment with:

  • Strong staff-student relationships

  • Community links

  • Individual learning plans

  • Student-directed learning

  • Technology-based research

  • Next practice teaching

  • Anywhere, anytime learning

  • A young adult culture

Integrating Technology with Tradition

To bridge the gap between the traditional and digital learning environments, MyDiary included a QR code on the cover of the Point Cook Senior Secondary College diary. This innovative feature allows students and parents to easily connect the physical diary to the school’s digital resources, promoting seamless access to important information and updates.

Redesigning SWPBS

Recognising the importance of a positive learning environment, we redesigned the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) section. This area clearly outlines the expectations for student behaviour and the positive reinforcements in place, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all.

User-Friendly Design

The diary features a spacious design, making it easy for both students and parents to read and navigate. Clear headings, ample spacing, and a logical layout enhance usability, ensuring that important information is easily accessible.

Gender-Inclusive Uniform Images

In an effort to promote inclusivity, we included gender-neutral images for the school uniform section. This approach ensures that all students feel represented and respected, supporting the college’s commitment to a positive and inclusive school culture.


Acknowledging Student Rights and Responsibilities

The diary reinforces the college’s acknowledgment that:

  • Every student has the right to be safe and feel safe.

  • Each student is responsible for their actions and the consequences that follow.

  • All students must respect others and the role of the college in the community.

  • All students are part of a positive learning environment where they are encouraged to achieve their best.

  • All students are encouraged to participate widely in college activities.

Supporting Individual Learning

Point Cook Senior Secondary College values individual learning and autonomous, student-directed education. The diary supports these goals by including sections for:

  • Individual Learning Plans: Helping students track their personal learning goals and progress.

  • Pathways Plans: Assisting students in planning their future education and career paths.

  • Technology-Based Research and Presentation Tips: Providing guidance on effectively using technology for learning and presenting information.

By incorporating these elements, MyDiary has created a comprehensive and user-friendly diary that supports Point Cook Senior Secondary College’s vision. The diary not only meets the practical needs of students and parents but also aligns with the school’s commitment to providing a safe, inclusive, and forward-thinking educational environment.

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