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Melville Senior High School - Melville, WA

Melville Senior High School is a distinguished secondary school located in Melville, Western Australia, known for its commitment to excellence in education and student development.

Meeting the School’s Unique Needs

Understanding Melville SHS's emphasis on a distraction-free learning environment, MyDiary proposed a streamlined, clean-looking diary design that promotes focus and organisation. Recognising their dedication to student engagement and goal setting, we integrated key elements to support these initiatives.

Showcasing Student Talent

One of the standout features of Melville SHS's diary is the stunning student artwork featured on the cover. This not only celebrates student creativity but also instills a sense of pride and ownership among the students.

Key Policies Presented Clearly

To ensure that all students, parents, and teachers are on the same page, we included the school’s critical policies in a clear and accessible format. This includes:

  • Student Engagement Policy: Providing guidelines and expectations for student involvement in school activities.

  • Good Standing Policy: Outlining the criteria for maintaining good standing status within the school.

  • Uniform Policy: Detailed descriptions and images to ensure clarity on dress standards for both Middle and Senior students.

  • Bullying, Discrimination, and Harassment Policy: Clear instructions on recognising, reporting, and addressing these issues to maintain a safe school environment.

  • Middle and Senior School Assessment Policy: Comprehensive details on the assessment procedures and expectations.


Supporting Student Wellbeing

The diary also includes sections dedicated to student wellbeing, such as:

  • Term Goal Setting: Helping students set and track their academic and personal goals throughout the term.

  • Wellbeing Tips: Practical advice on key areas like sleep hygiene, cyberbullying, and mental resilience.

Enhanced Usability and Design

We transformed the previously blank inner covers by adding a student timetable, making effective use of every inch of space. The branding was meticulously realigned with the school's colours, creating a cohesive look that reinforces school identity.

By incorporating all these elements, MyDiary delivered a product that not only meets Melville SHS's needs but also enhances the overall educational experience for students and staff alike.

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