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Gladstone Park Secondary College - Gladstone Park, VIC

Gladstone Park Secondary College, located in Gladstone Park, Victoria, is dedicated to providing a first-class education that surpasses that of its non-government counterparts. The school’s vision is to create a safe and supportive environment where students can thrive and succeed in their chosen pathways beyond high school. With high expectations in all areas of school life, Gladstone Park challenges students to achieve excellence.

Enhancing Clarity on Uniform Policies

To ensure that all students adhere to the school’s uniform standards, MyDiary worked with Gladstone Park Secondary College to redesign their college uniform section. This included a particular emphasis on the correct footwear for physical education and sport. By providing clear, high-quality images and detailed descriptions, we made it easy for students and parents to understand and comply with these expectations.

Emphasising Student Expectations

Recognising the importance of clear communication regarding student expectations, we designed a bookmark insert that succinctly outlines these standards. This handy reference tool helps students stay aware of what is expected of them in various aspects of school life, reinforcing the school's high standards and commitment to student success.


Daily Diary Features

The daily diary section at Gladstone Park Secondary College includes several features aimed at promoting personal growth and organisation:

  • VIA Character Strengths: Daily prompts to reflect on and develop character strengths, helping students build a strong sense of self and purpose.

  • Gratitude Journal: A dedicated space for students to note down things they are grateful for, fostering a positive mindset and emotional wellbeing.

  • To-Do List: Organisational tools to help students keep track of their tasks and responsibilities, enhancing time management skills.

Enriching the Learning Culture

Gladstone Park’s extensive extra-curricular programs are highlighted in the diary, showcasing the opportunities available for students to enrich their learning experience. By participating in these programs, students can enjoy a well-rounded education that is both enjoyable and safe.

By incorporating these elements, MyDiary has created a diary for Gladstone Park Secondary College that not only meets their practical needs but also supports the school’s vision of providing a first-class, holistic education.

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