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Before vs After


Caulfield Grammar School

Our main goal for Caulfield Grammar was to re-purpose and modernise their student diary.

Caulfield Grammar’s diary used to be a central directory for school events but as these moved online, their diary became an opportunity to focus on and support the student’s wellbeing.

We wanted to incorporate school branding so the diary was congruent with all other branded publications.


Cover and First Page

First stop was the cover. We added a bookmark feature so that students had bell times, key term events and didn’t need to dog-ear the corners of page.

We showcased the school values on the back cover to inspire students.

The first page then set the scene to establish school colours and branding. We added the school ethos to the footer. We upgraded the wire binding to plasticoil so that it didn’t loose its shape or cause the pages of the diary to fall out.

Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.


School Policy

Throughout the school policy pages we presented the information as clearly and as possible using tables, images and professional type setting.

We find students have a very high expectation for how information is presented so it is very important we make the diary attractive and inviting to read and use.

The designer does not begin with some preconceived idea. Rather, the idea is the result of careful study and observation.

Homework Section

For the homework section of the diary, we reduced the area allocated to school events drastically so that more focus could be placed on student wellbeing. We customised all wellbeing content to match the actual teaching curriculum at Caulfield Grammar. This meant that the focus for each week was supported within the diary.

Design is the intermediary between information & understanding.

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