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Before vs After


Red Bend Catholic College, Forbes, NSW

Red Bend Catholic College articulates education is a moral and sacred entreprise and involves good choices and responsibility. Students are educated in responsible values based upon a strong belief in God and an imitation of the life of Christ.

MyDiary supports this vision through a bespoke diary design.


School Personalised Pages

  • Within the school personalised pages, we: Emphasised the history of the college with a timeline.

  • Sourced high quality images of the Marist Brothers to ensure the information was appealing for students to read.

  • Resdesigned the House System to link the House Saint and the House Prayer


Daily Diary Section

For the homework section we needed to maintain its current structure just added our design talent to ensure:

  • Day rotations and movement logs where clearly visable.

  • Incorporate the Liturgical Calendar

  • Provide a custom rotation of 

    • Weekly Prayers​

    • Devotional Passages

    • Reflective Questions

    • Wellbeing Touchpoints​​

to provide inspiration and strength for students to follow religious teachings in their daily life.

Wellbeing Pages

MyDiary also provided pages for Semester Goal setting using the SMART GOAL FORMULA* guiding the students through reflective questions

*read our article on our blog HERE

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