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Notre Dame College: A Beacon of Holistic Education and Faith

At Notre Dame College in Shepparton, Victoria education is regarded as a profound and sacred endeavour, emphasising the significance of wise choices and responsibility. Anchored in a firm belief in God and inspired by our Marist-Mercy traditions, the school cultivates its students to develop responsible values and a deep sense of faith.

MyDiary is honoured to support this vision with a bespoke diary design tailored to the unique needs of the college, striking a balance between faith-based instruction and secular education.

In Notre Dame College's policy pages, we:

  • Reimagined the House System, connecting the House Saint and House Prayer for a more cohesive experience.

  • Sourced high-quality images of Marist-Mercy traditions, making the content attractive for students.

  • Cleverly utilised QR codes on their library page to the full version referencing on their website. This allowed Notre Dame to keep print expenses low and ensures information remains up-to-date at all times.


For the homework section, we retained its existing structure while applying our design expertise to:

  • Clearly display day rotations.

  • Incorporate the Liturgical Calendar.

  • Provide a custom rotation of Weekly Prayers, Devotional Passages, Reflective Questions, and Wellbeing Touchpoints to inspire and empower students in following religious teachings in their daily lives.

Wellbeing Pages:

MyDiary also offered pages dedicated to term Goal setting and mindful colouring in. This guided students through reflective questions, fostering personal growth and development within the context of a just and caring Christian community.


Together with MyDiary, Notre Dame College continues to strive in its mission to develop the full potential of each individual, creating high-achieving and globally connected students who see their responsibilities to themselves, each other, and the communities in which they live, and who respond as compassionate citizens and people of faith.

We are incredibly grateful for MyDiary's exceptional support in creating a bespoke diary design for Notre Dame College, capturing our Marist-Mercy traditions and striking a perfect balance between faith-based instruction and secular education. Their innovative approach, dedication to detail, and focus on student wellbeing have truly enhanced our just and caring Christian community. We eagerly look forward to continuing our partnership with MyDiary in our mission to nurture high-achieving, globally-connected, and compassionate students.


Myra Hardy, Notre Dame College

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