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With Personalised covers, full colour school pages, pockets, perforations, whiteboard insert, and school QR code.

Before vs After


The Ponds High School - The Ponds, NSW

The Ponds High School is a government secondary school located in The Ponds, New South Wales and have high expectations for student learning, behaviour and dress.


MyDiary was aware of their budget constraints and suggested that they would achieve the greatest value for money with our Life 360 Wellbeing Diary, which is predesigned and lower in cost than a bespoke product. We then reinvested the balance of their budget into addressing their need for a professionally designed uniform policy. The principal clearly stated the school’s high expectations for dress on their website so MyDiary felt it was equally important to communicate this standard in their school diary using high-quality images, full colouring printing and clear tables showcasing Junior and Senior areas. This ensures that parents, students and teachers all follow the same information.

The Pond’s Principal declared their high expectations for dress standard on their website so MyDiary felt it was equally important to communicate this standard in their school diary. 

The strength of a message is equal to its consistent reinforcement.

The second goal of our diary redesign was to realign the colours back to school branding. You will see in the before images that the colours used were pink and bright green. We changed these colours to the school's colours as we felt it was a contradiction to ask students to follow uniform standards when the school diary did not.


In summary, as a diary company, the value we offered Ponds High School was in taking the school's key information and presenting that information through a beautiful design experience. 


The colours and fonts reflected school branding on every page and the content in the final version of the diary is easy and enjoyable to read. The school was able to leverage our wealth of wellbeing content to save time and money.

Inside Front Cover & Welcome Page

The inner covers were previously blank so MyDiary chose to harness this precious real estate to add a student timetable - something that we discovered was missing from the diary when doing our School Page Checklist.


All the current school pages were printed in pink (not following the school’s colours) so MyDiary realigned their branding to their correct colours and embellished the design even further with branded headers and footers.


School Pages

MyDiary took the opportunity to create any outdated graphic with a new modern look. In this example, we created the 5 Classroom Ps. The MyDiary strategy here is that if something looks attractive, students will read it!

School Uniform

We added high-quality uniform pictures to help distinguish between Senior and Junior uniforms, along with incorporating tables and split columns to make this section easier to read. We amended the inconsistent sizing of items so the design was more balanced.


School Pages

MyDiary adds little touches throughout the diary to ensure that information is communicated clearly.


You can see here that we redesigned the Award System page vertically so it was easier to read.

Date Section

The bright green previously used in the date section was fairly distracting. 


We removed this and connected the school to our Life 360 wellbeing layout which focused on:

  • Gratitude and Reflection

  • PERMA H Values

  • Key Character Strengths

  • Wellbeing tips on key areas including sleep hygiene, cyber-bulling, and mental resilience.


Wellbeing Pages

Finally, a bonus of purchasing our Life 360 Wellbeing Diary is that it is accompanied by a further 30+ pages of wellbeing content. This includes everything from goal-setting to cultivating a state of flow. You can find out more about Life 360 by clicking here.

In addition to this we also product a Teachers Toolkit which contains wellbeing lessons plans. You can find out more here.

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