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With pocket and tabs.


St Joseph's College Hunter Hill

St Joseph's College is an independent Roman Catholic single-sex secondary day and boarding school for boys, conducted in the Marist Brothers tradition. The school is located in Hunters Hill, a suburb of the Lower North Shore of Sydney, New South Wales.

Our partnership with St Joseph's has spanned over a decade and we have enjoyed being part of their student diary evolution.


At first, the school preferred the traditional hard-case style diary, but over the years has moved to a spiral-bound version because of its versatility for students. This style can be folded flat and allows space for pockets and tabs to be inserted.

St Joseph's was eager to show their commitment to excellence in an integrated program of teaching, learning, co-curricular activities, and pastoral care. To achieve this, MyDiary incorporated Term Tabs with hero images from various areas of the school including sports, chapel, and the arts. In this way the diary design helps the school "seek out and affirm the best in each boy."


Our design work for the school policy pages maintained strict school branding requirements to ensure the diary looked like an in-house production and part of the school uniform.


Keeping in mind that this was an all-boys diary, we kept the layout clean and clear with extra room for school events.

Over the years MyDiary has encouraged the school to enhance the diary’s uniform page, and last year we were excited to include images in this section. We are so proud of the staff's commitment to the boys and we just loved hearing the story of our diary coordinator pushing a trolley full of naked mannequins to the photography lab to carefully dress them and take photos for our 2023 diary edition. The result was probably one of Australia's best uniform pages.


Finally, in addition to the diary we also provide a wall-planner for the resident senior students. In a college with such a rich sports and cultural agenda, having a large-scale planner is invaluable.

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