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Gamification & Microlearning

2025 Life 360 Wellbeing Diary

Your new 2025 Life 360 diary showcases an innovative approach to engaging students in their daily academic and personal development by incorporating game-like elements and bite-sized learning opportunities into the diary, designed to enhance engagement and learning outcomes. 

It introduces a unique student diary concept where students can track their positive habits and set personal goals in a fun, game-like format. Students earn "coins" or "gems" by achieving their daily goals, encouraging consistent effort towards their wellbeing and academic tasks.

Additionally, the diary includes character creation, where students can draw and describe their avatar, adding a personalised and creative aspect to their learning journey whilst setting their academic goals for the year.


This method aims to make daily tracking and goal setting more interactive and enjoyable increasing students' motivation and involvement in their own learning and personal growth processes.

The best educational journeys are those infused with elements of fun.


Louisa Wood, Founder of MyDiary

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