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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College (Sadadeen Campus) - Sadadeen, NT

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College, Sadadeen Campus, is a Catholic faith community where the Gospel values of Justice, Love, and Peace are central to everything.

Key Principles

  1. Foster a safe and friendly environment where everyone is valued and accepted.

  2. Nurture the whole person, emphasising honesty, mutual respect, compassion and tolerance.

  3. Educate students to act responsibly and courageously.

  4. Develop leadership and encourage initiative.

  5. Promote excellence in all areas of education and a lifelong love of learning.

Diary Highlights

We invested significant design time to showcase the college's five key values: Persistence, Resilience, Organisation, Getting Along, and Confidence. These values are prominently featured to remind students of their importance daily.

Clear Uniform Policy

To ensure clarity, we included a super clear uniform policy with images, making it easy for students and parents to understand and follow the dress code.


Daily Religious Content

Each day in the diary includes religious content to reflect the school's faith-based values, providing daily inspiration and guidance.

Custom Weekly Focus

The daily layout of the diary was custom designed to focus each week on a specific school value, reinforcing these principles throughout the year.

Special Term Bonuses

Each term includes a special bonus with "Puzzletime" inserts, featuring learner profiles and interactive wellbeing content. These fun and engaging activities support student wellbeing and encourage a love of learning.


By incorporating these elements, MyDiary has created a diary that not only meets the practical needs of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic College but also reinforces its core values and educational goals.

Senior College Redesign

The senior college diary was produced in a larger size and redesigned to target an older audience, ensuring that the content and design are age-appropriate and relevant to senior students.

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