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MyDiary Growth Mindset Kit

A growth mindset in action.

The Growth Mindset Kit helps students realise their full potential by walking them through the steps required to define their goals and take real action to achieve them. The Growth Mindset Kit is designed to fit in with the student's daily life by clipping directly into the school diary.

The pack comprises three seperate tools.

What you'll find in the pack

  • Encourage students to envisage their version of success
  • Define distinct goals
  • Use images of people, places and inspirational quotes
  • Clip front and centre into diary so that they are constantly reminded!
  • Students are encouraged to record and track their progress towards accomplishing their goals
  • Help students cultivate grit
  • Use starting points and clearly defined goals to get from A to B
  • Instill the importance of deliberate practice and perseverance
  • Clip-in to the diary each week so that it follows the student throughout the year
  • Encourage students to celebrate their wins and acknowldge achievements
  • Persevere and learn through failure - 'fail forward'
  • Use the Growth Mindset sticker sheet to decorate the wall of fame
  • Help students understand the 'power of yet' and acknowldge their progress towards something they previosly thought they could/would not do
  • Growth Mindset Stickers to motivate and inspire!

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Happy Senior School Diary Customers

  • Thanks so much for all your efforts in preparing our diary. We are very proud of the diary and students use it extensively through the year and we boast to our new enrolments about how wonderful it is.

    Leann Nichol, Holland Park SHS