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Radford College - Canberra, ACT

Radford College, located in Canberra’s north on over 46 acres, is a contemporary Anglican co-educational day school. Founded in 1983, the college has continually developed its facilities to meet the evolving needs of its community.

Diary Highlights

MyDiary worked closely with Radford College to create a customised diary that aligns with the school's mission and values. Key features include:

  • Hardcase Design with Student Artwork: The diary features a robust hardcase design adorned with beautiful student artwork, accompanied by an Artist Statement. This not only showcases the students' creativity but also adds a personal and meaningful touch to the diary.

  • Incorporation of the Radford Learner Tree: The diary integrates the Radford Learner Tree, which focuses on developing important traits in secondary school students, such as being principled, open-minded, thinkers, self-regulated, resilient, and effective communicators. This visual tool helps students identify and develop these key characteristics.

  • Custom Design: The diary’s design reflects the college’s unique identity and supports the school’s focus on nurturing future leaders.

By incorporating these elements, MyDiary has created a diary that not only meets the practical needs of Radford College but also supports its educational goals, fostering the development of exceptional leaders for tomorrow.

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