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St Clare's College - Griffith, ACT

St Clare's College in Griffith, ACT, is a spirited and inclusive learning community. To support their mission and enhance the student experience, MyDiary collaborated with the college to create a customised diary that meets their unique needs.

Diary Highlights

  • Hardcase Design: We designed a robust, hardcase diary that features stunning student artwork, adding a personal and creative touch to the cover.

  • Week-to-a-Page Layout: The diary utilises a week-to-a-page layout, providing students with a clear and organised structure to manage their schedules and assignments effectively.

Learning Dispositions Focus

The diary places a strong emphasis on learning dispositions, encouraging students to develop key skills and attitudes that support their academic and personal growth.

By incorporating these features, MyDiary has created a diary that not only supports the administrative needs of St Clare's College but also enhances the educational experience, aligning with the college’s commitment to holistic education and active learning.

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